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CLA Fat Burner Review (Best Fat Burner)

We will talk about the brand later, let's talk about the nutrient first.
A lot of people heard about it but a lot of people do not know much about it at all.

What is CLA?

CLA - Coagulated Lonely Acid.

I have told you about Fish oil in my previous post about Omega 3. When we talk about CLA, we are talking about Omega 6. { Click here to read about Fish oil (Omega 3)}

We need 3 important Fatty Acid :
Omega 3
Omega 6
Omega 9

Today we are talking about Omega 6 fatty acid. CLA is a source of Omega 6.
Our body doesn't produce Omega 3, 6 and 9 because these are an essential fatty acid. Like our body doesn't produce omega 3 and we get it through fish oil. We get Omega 6 from food like Dairy products, meat, and oil. Dairy product and meat product's fat is Omega 6 but all saturated.
Saturated fat is unhealthy fat. Fat in meat, dairy products, bad oil is saturated. It's not good for our heart. We are not eating bad fat from that food.

Then how can we get Omega 6 which is important?
  • We get around 1 to 1.5g of CLA dairy from the fat.

How much CLA we have to need in a day?

• We need around 3-5g of CLA a day.
• If we get 3-5g of CLA from diet then it could cause heart problems, because we have to consume too much-saturated fat from food to cover 3-5g natural CLA.
• The saturated fat recommendation is 15%, if we get that much-saturated fat just for CLA then it's very bad for health.
CLA helps to reduce weight, body fat, obesity, cancer etc. It also opens up the blocked arteries.
So its very important and powerful ingredient called Omega 6.

You should take CLA or not?

• Yes if your goal is a fat loss so you should take CLA.
• CLA is the very most powerful fat loss supplement.
So get it if you want to lose your body fat.
Dairy has the same CLA fat but has a lot of saturated fat as well. You don't need bad fat with CLA. You won't be lean until you cut bad fat.
So we will cut that bad fat and introduce straight CLA when you have an education that’s how you cut and add things for the paper benefits. That's what I am sharing all my knowledge.
So you get proper understanding....hope you get CLA information.

I repeating again :

  • If you want to loss weight,
  • If you want to loss body fat,
  • If you want to trim your waistline add this supplement.

When could you take it?

• You can take it 1-2g at breakfast and 1-2g before bed.

If you are taking any fat loss supplement then stop using it. It increases your metabolic rate.
CLA the safest ingredient, there is no such report out there.



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