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Today I am going to review Fish Oil/ Omega 3 by Optimum Nutrition.
Let's talk about Fish oil first, we will talk about the product later.

What is Fish Oil/Omega 3?

When we talk about Fish Oil, we are talking about Omega 3.
Omega 3 is the very important nutrient for your heart and brain, So when we are talking about Omega 3 then we are talking about our Heart.

Your heart should be healthy. Brain and heart are the most powerful running in our body If these 2 organs don't work it means we are done... No replacement, So you have to take care of your brain and heart.

Where we get Omega 3?

We get Omega 3 from Fish, Seeds, Nuts, Walnuts also whole egg but it has saturated fat as well which you don't need that much.

A lot of people have Omega 3 deficiency in the diet, Later on after 40yrs, we have heart problems especially cholesterol because our heart is not healthy we are not providing Omega 3’s.

So which mistake our elders made by not having Omega 3 in their diet we don't need to repeat it.

India is number 1 in heart disease which is bad.

Let's try to understand and fix this problem, understand and help each other, So if you are eating Fish, Seeds, Nuts every day then you are getting Omega 3 from the diet, then you don't need it any supplement.

Daily Recommendation:

Your daily recommendation of Omega is  500mg.

A lot of people don't know about 500mg, its Omega 3 doses.

When you eat fish, seeds, nuts then you get around 50mg, 80mg, 100mg, so when you reach 500mg then your heart will be healthy.

But today's lifestyle how many people are eating fish every day or 3-4 days in a week? Very fewer people in India, because we think fish is expensive food neither they cook it at home not eat outside and half of our Indian population is vegetarian, so you definitely don't provide enough Omega 3's.

Let's talk about supplement now.

Why do we need a supplement?
Because we don't eat fish every day, which people don't eat fish every day it's for those people, People who have Omega 3 deficiency.

Now what you need to look at when you buy Omega 3 or fish oil supplement.

You have to take at EPA and DHA.
  • EPA – Ecosa Pentanoic Acid
  • DHA – Decosa Hexanoic Acid

Whenever you buy fish oil from any brand just look at EPA and DHA should be 300mg.

As I told that your daily recommendation is 500mg but this had 300mg so it means you have to take 2 serving for 600mg.

Otherwise, it would be underdose. You have to take 2  because pill weight is 1000mg but Omega is 300mg.

People who don't eat fish every day they can add fish oil supplement and vegetarian can add Flaxseed supplement.


Fish Oil Benefits :

  • Take it at dinner or lunch. It doesn't smell fishy. Everyone will be recommending your omega.
  • You take care of your muscles, provide multivitamins for organs, apply get for hair but what are you doing it for heart and brain?
  • Heart and Brain are very important organs friends, make sure you get 500mg from diet or introduce fish oil in your diet.
Get any brand to be a smart customer.
There are 100’s of brands for fish oil and I can't review everything!! But whenever you buy any brand look at EPA/DHA it should be minimum 300mg, and your daily recommendation is 500mg so you have to take 2 pills If any brand giving you 600mg per servings then just get it.

It's doesn’t mean you need to workout!! No, your heart works 24 hours 365 days.

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