Glutamine Review (Glutamine Benefits, Glutamine Side Effects, Glutamine Doses, What is Glutamine)

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Today I am reviewing to Glutamine. Let's try to understand about Glutamine first, will talk about the brand later on.

What is Glutamine

You need to understand first that is its amino acid or what.
When you have proper information about it then nobody will miscue neither trainer nor supplement seller nor any bodybuilder misguides you.

Let's talk about Glutamine, It's a non-essential amino acid. Non-essential means not important. Non-essential means our body produces by its own. We get it through diet and supplement, So glutamine is non-essential amino, then why do we need to supplement it? I will tell you,

Glutamine: How much you need it a day?

You need to it 5gram in a day, that's the minimum recommendation. You get glutamine from Organs, Meat, Fish, Chicken. Than Green beans, Kidney beans, Spinach has a lot of glutamine.

Glutamine: Then why do we need it again?

During workout when you break the muscle than it rebuilds amino acid, if you have less glutamine or amino then the rebuilding process takes a long time 1 to 4 days.

A lot of people get soar for so many days because they have less glutamine in their diet. They couldn't able to provide the food which has glutamine, so what happens that your muscle won't recover fast, Because neither you ate food loaded with glutamine nor took a supplement, so you won't get any benefit if you couldn't able to recover on time.

This will be a long process, so to speed up the recovery you have to introduce glutamine in your diet.

Glutamine: What time you need Glutamine?

You don't need to Glutamine all day. Primetime for your body to absorb nutrients is Morning & After Workout.

After the workout, your body's glutamine level drops. You have to give your body glutamine which starts the recovery process, without glutamine your body won't recover fast, so you have to supply glutamine through supplement or diet, so that way your glutamine levels raise up and start the recovery.
I recommend 5g post workout and 5g before bed. That's the timing for glutamine.

Why do you need it and what're the scientific reasons behind I told you about that,
during a workout, our glutamine level drops down so we need to get it for recovery.
You don't need to glutamine more than 5g, if you are a hardcore trainer, lifter or have some serious goals then add glutamine.

It cost around Rs. 1500-1800. Don't get bigger packing. 300g is good for 45days,
if you take 10g/day then it will last for a month.
Pick any brand, No worry about the brand. Every company makes glutamine like :

So get glutamine which has 5g in 1 serving. A lot of companies give 7g in 1 serving but glutamine is only 5g.

That's it, friends, This is my product info about Glutamine, is the safest supplement.

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