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Multivitamin by MuscleTech

Today I am reviewing the multivitamin by Muscletech. There are around 500 + companies who make multivitamins. I will not able to cover all the companies. I will tell you why do we need it, what we see when we buy it, and its importance.

What is multivitamin?

Vitamins & Minerals, it is a micronutrient, just like Protein and carbs are macronutrients.
We eat protein, carbs fat all day from food but we don't get all the vitamins from A to K and Minerals from a diet. Lot of Vitamin and Minerals missing from our diet, if we don’t take it from months and years it will create a deficiency.

After that you go to a doctor and then doctor suggest you to take that vitamin because you don’t get it from a diet, then you have to add this supplement.

Hair starts falling, your eyesight gets weak, skin losing up, your organs don’t work properly, nail gets blue/yellow in colour etc because of lack of the nutrients. In professional fitness, life micronutrients are important to absorb macronutrients. 

We have big machinery inside our body we have to take care of it. Don’t just focus on muscles but take care of other body parts and organs as well. It's hard to provide every single nutrient from the diet, that's where you need to add this supplement.

People who are physically active they really need these nutrients of daily basis because you are burning those nutrients every day through sports, workout, exercise etc. So you have to consume them back for the proper recovery otherwise cause a deficiency.

Now we will talk about the brand (Muscletech platinum multivitamin)

They mentioned Vitamin A 10,000 I.U. 200% value. It means double than your daily intake. When you are active there you have to consume double because you burn half.

1000 MG amino acid inside. You are getting 1G amino acid which is important to remain the muscles.

They mentioned serving size 3 tablet. A lot of people only take 1 tablet not take 3 that’s the serving. You have to take 3 tablets that are called 1 serving. 1 serving (3 Tablets) with breakfast is good enough. After that not to take any tablet the whole day.

You can use it throughout life. Recommend your family a multivitamin supplement, tell them a benefit of multivitamins.

It contains antioxidants (Vitamin C & E) - Vitamin C and E is the important antioxidants which protect the immune system when your immune system gets weak you get sick, cold and fever because of the weak immune system because of the accidents, that’s why you need to add Vitamin C and E which fight against the accidents. In fitness and sports Lifestyle, no one wants to get sick because of sickness effects on your game practice, workout, homework for a few days.

So add vitamins and minerals in your diet. MuscleTech Platinum multivitamin is perfect, it’s very good supplements.

I recommend some other perfect brands:

So I told you why you need it, how many you need it when you need it. I hope you will add a multivitamin to your diet.

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