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Hello Friends,
It's a very famous brand in the world, it available in the Indian market.
I am going to cover it today, Whey Protein Gold Standard benefits or side effects.

Friends, Optimum nutrition is an American brand, it's been in the market for around 15 years. Its well-tested supplement in the fitness industry almost everyone tried it former.
Okay, let you know that what is inside of whey protein gold standard?

  • 1 serving size - 30.4gram.
  • Protein - 24gram
  • Carbohydrates -3gram
  • Saturated Fat - 0.5gram
  • Sugars - 1gram
  • Calories - 119 in one scoop

It's definitely a high protein low-calorie product. Sodium and Cholesterol are low as well.

In Ingredients,
  • there is maltodextrin which is an artificial flavour.
  • Definitely, sugar added which is good and bad as well.
  • It's fine if you are eating clean and good it won't harm you at all, but if your nutrition is bad, bad eating lifestyle then too much can harm you.

Now we talk about flavour :
  • It comes in many flavours, depends upon how much you are into flavours.

Now talk about quality
  • Out of 30.4g, you are getting 24g of protein.
  • Its biological value is 75-76%, normally all the brands give you 75% of protein per serving.
  • Its quality is very good, this product is in the market for 15 years.
  • Anybody men or women who want to gain weight, lose weight, lose body fat can use it.

How to use it?
  • You can take it at post workout for 1-2 scoop depends upon your goals and fitness level.
So overall this product is a very good product.
When you purchase it to make sure you buy it from a good website like Amazon, healthcare.
I am not promoting Amazon and healthcare website. I have done my research, these 2 websites are good.
Okay so when you purchase it, this brand comes in the top seal, that is an authentic seal
It has only 1 outside seal.

That's it, friends,

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