Today I am reviewing protein bar so less talk about protein bar first then we’ll talk about the brand.

Why we need it and what is inside?

A protein bar is a snack meal when you know that you are going to miss your meal while travelling, driving, work or at the airport etc. You can put it in your pocket or purse or bag.
Protein bar made with whey protein concentrate and isolate including peanut butter and stuff. it's pretty convenient to have it with tea, coffee, milk, etc.

A protein bar is pretty and healthy as well around 90% in the market is bad, unhealthy means sugar and sweeteners, corn syrup which is bad for you guys. 

There is no benefit of eating something which your body is stored as a fat instead of energy, so it’s not healthy and 95% bars in the market is full of sugar and fat. It’s not a protein bar actually it is a sugar bar.

If you want to buy a protein bar so I suggest you buy Quest Bar because in this bar you will get fibre and more fibres won’t spike the insulin and digestion will be slow that’s what you need, you don’t need fast sugar in the snack, So Quest Bar is a pretty good bar.

Its cost in US is 2$ means 140-150rs but after custom and duties, it will be around 300rs.
1 Bar cost = 300rs. 300-400rs protein bar is expensive for our Indian community, so that’s why I don’t recommend it because of its kind an expensive for one serving.

People who live in other countries can buy 1$-2$ which is affordable but I am talking about Indian peoples if you are live in India so I recommend don’t use it. It’s expensive you don’t need it. 

You can make it at home and it its cost would be around Rs 50-100.

So if you buying other protein bars from the market then it has lot of sugar and fat which is unhealthy and I don’t want you guys to spend money on Sugar and fat.

So it’s convenient if you live in another country and that should be Quest Bar and if you live in India all countries around then it’s not convenient

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