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Himalaya Liv 52

Today I am reviewing product Himalaya Liv 52.
It’s a very popular product you must have heard this name many times. I will tell you about this.

What is Himalaya Liv 52?

Liv means Liver, So Himalayas its a company and Himalaya Liv 52 its a product of this company. It has many other products on the market.

The liver is an important organ in our body, after digesting the food it goes into small intestine then further process through the liver.

If you drink alcohol, it goes through the liver, so if your liver is not healthy then it won't be able to process it.

First is the liver, with high consumption of alcohol it gets damaged. Everyone knows about it even kids know that it’s bad for the liver.

Why it's damaged? I just told you that the liver process the alcohol.
It causes fatty liver also causes swelling inside, inflamed the liver.

Why its damaged?

The first reason is alcohol and the second reason is medication means drugs. Any kind of drug illegal and prescribed drug, when a pill goes into your system then liver absorbs it so too much drug toxify the liver. Due to toxify your liver is inflamed, Inflamed means when something heats up.

So what to do then?

  • You have to detoxify your body.
  • Drink a lot of water, juicing proper nutrition in your daily routine.
  • Lemon water (first in the morning), carrot juice, beet juice turmeric, garlic etc.
It has a lot of enzymes that help to detox the liver, then work properly.
If you are not detoxifying and drinking alcohol, taking drugs, then over the period of time your liver will be damaged.
Do medical check-up of your liver.

Let's talk about now Himalaya Liv 52...

Whatever I have said about toxins, Himalaya  Liv52 helps to flush the toxin out.
Second is appetite, lot's of people have a weak appetite the don't eat anything for 4-5 hrs, its a weak appetite.
When you will use Himalaya Liv52, it will increase the appetite.

When will you have to use it?
  • If your appetite is weak, then you can introduce it
  • If you drink a lot of alcohol, then you can use it.
  • If you have drugs in your body including steroids, then use this one.
  • If you don't take drugs, don't drink alcohol and good appetite, then you don't need it.
So it depends on the situation that you have to take it or not.

Overall it's a very good product.
You have to take this pill once a day.

That's it, guys.

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