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Today I am reviewing PROSTAR 100% WHEY PROTEIN BY ULTIMATE NUTRITION. It's pretty cheap in India, I will cover all the things in this blog it's good or bad.

I wanna tell you that there are 1000’s supplements and I will review everyone. First, let me provide you with a little bit of information about Ultimate Nutrition. It was launched in, 1977 by a US powerlifter. Its pretty old company around 35years old and its a well established trusted company. Bodybuilder back in Arnold times has used it. Today it's packing, the label has been changed.

Let's check out the label –

1 serving scoop  –  30g
–  25g/scoop
–  1g
–  20mg
–  30mg
–  2g (That’s why is availability is high because carb and fat content are pretty low.)
–  0g
–  1g (Any whey supplement which has sugar too much sugar doesn't buy it.)

The label is perfect, you get 25g protein in a 30g scoop. Its means protein availability 84% in this supplement. When any supplement has more than 80% protein availability, then just get it. ON gold standard whey has 77% availability so it's even better than that.


Protein blend ( whey isolate, concentrate and whey peptide)
Soy lectine potassium
Natural artificial flavour

It is a very good product where fat, carb and sugar contents are pretty low and no harmful ingredients in prostar 100 whey protein

Sucralose and soy lectine is pretty common, almost all supplements have it. If your overall diet is good then these supplements don't harm at all

So this product is very good from my side, I will give it 9 out of 10 number. Its mixability is good as well, use 200-240miligram water for a scoop. If you add more water you won't get a good taste. So you want better absorption if you want good taste so keep the amount of water low.

How to use:

  • You can use it after a workout with milk.
  • If you are underweight then use it one scoop in non-fat milk.
  • If you are overweight then avoid milk.
  • If your weight balanced then use either one

Now about what is the price in India?

2.5kg packing cost around  Rs 3600/-. Its pretty cheap compared to other US brands. We compare it with other brands like BSN, ON, Muscletech etc. So its value is low, compared to others.

1kg cost around Rs. 2000.

You can buy it from any website or local store. Be a smart customer Friends, this is a platform to give you the right information so you buy things in your own way not like other celebrities telling you to buy these products etc.

They don't use them but they are endorsing the products but I don't do it. You can buy it from any website or any store.

Last important thing

  • Use 1 tsp for beginners and 2 tsp for advanced.

So this is my review on prostar its a good product.

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